A.B.L.E'.'s Tax workshops will provide a basic foundation of knowledge on the most important tax topics as discussed on business and personal levels. In the tax workshops you will gain an in-depth understanding of tax laws and policies. 

Take Control of Your Tax Life Program

The Take Control of Your Tax Life program created by ABLE will provide low to moderate income families access to alternatives of predatory tax companies. This will be achieved through a year long comprehensive workshop series that educates the participant about the tax filing process and related tax topics. ABLE has partnered with several local Universities, non-profit organizations and community centers in order to proliferate the awareness of this program. These workshops will be consecutive in nature and build upon each other in order to reinforce the information. They will begin February of 2017 and run through early February 2018 as that begins the period known as tax season.

The program aims to Increase financial literacy in a segment of the population which will benefit from it tremendously. The program will provide access to accounting professionals who work for top accounting firms and have years of tax expertise and knowledge. According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, an increase in financial literacy can increase savings and reduce debt.

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We will also create a workshop based your organizational needs!

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