Advancing Businesses for Longevity and Entrepreneurship (ABLE) is a Non Profit Organization that specifically focuses on educating the community on the importance of understanding their taxes as a taxpayer. Founded in 2016, ABLE educates everyone from low income families to small business owners. We want to provide current information on what should be included on tax returns. It is our responsibility as a organization to push the awareness of tax implications onto the community, a community that does not have the greatest understanding of their tax returns on a yearly basis. We aim to provide preventative measures to all who have an interest in filing their tax returns properly and accurately to prevent various tax issues in the future. The organizational focus moving forward will be centered around financial education and community empowerment.


Erica Booth is a tax expert with over 10 years of experience in multinational accounting firms. As there are many low income individuals who do not feel they have the necessary access to quality financial education, she set about to change that. She developed ABLE to focus on educating individuals and business owners on the value of learning about taxes and finance. She has written a book titled, A Tax Deduction Guide for Small Business, specifically for small business owners to reference for business taxes. Through workshops and webinars, ABLE will create financial awareness and the importance of building and sustaining a plan for long term stability.